Motorcycle servicing is carried out to the highest standards here at P&R, by our experienced mechanics. Our clean workshop provides the perfect environment needed when working on a motorcycle in various stages of service or repair. We have two dedicated motorcycle service bays with a bench for each bike to ensure parts are cared for when removed.  

Our servicing is simple - it's in depth! Hence don't offer an interim service as there's no point doing half a job with a bike.  That's not to say we can't tailor a service to your needs based on your mileage or parts requirements. We also carry out specific  jobs such as brake fluid renewal or fork seal replacement. Back to our typical servicing - Items such as Brake pads & your front sprockets cover are removed, so we can get to the dirt that you cant see that eventually turns in grinding paste or rust... not to mention our keen eyes checking over everything, spanner checking, lubing and making sure every moving part is working as intended.    

Oils & fluids used are typcially Rock Oil / Silkolene or Castrol. 

HiFlo filters are also are go to filters as an ideal oem alternative. K&N are also for that lifetime option.

Chains & sprockets we typically use are JT which we have used for many seasons within BSB & the IOM TT with no failures.

OEM parts Japanese & Italian parts are also available on request, usually next day if ordered before 2pm.

Our mechanics are all time served in the motorcycle & car industry combining over 50 years experience. We work to the same standards as our in house, experienced, British Superbike race team who are situated within the same building.

Repairs / upgrades are also undertaken - anything, from a clutch cable to power commander can be ordered in next day. Charging / starting faults are also commonplace along with upgrades such as supply & fitting hot grips or R&G crash protection.