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Motorcycle servicing is carried out to the highest standards at Performance & Road. We operate two dedicated motorcycle service bays & MOT station in house to keep your pride and joy in check - we feel that with our specialist motorcycle tools & knowledge our servicing standards are top notch. We pride ourselves on maintaining high standards in our workshop.

General electrical starting & charging fault diagnosis are taken on - Upgrades such as power commanders / brembo parts etc can be supplied & fitted along with crash protection from GB racing and R&G accessories. 

We can also supply off the shelf & custom suspension to suit your needs if your looking for precise steering on a sportsbike or just want more compliance from your fully loaded tourer - speak to our guys about your current suspension set up for your specific requirements.

Our service approach is simple -

For smaller jobs such as oil changes, brake pad replacement or chain kit, your welcome to wait whilst its done.

If its an annual service you'd like - we need your bike 9am - 5pm for the full day, upgrades sometimes may take longer.

We can tailor a service to your needs if you just want specific work done.

For other jobs such as brake fluid renewal right up to bigger jobs such as fork seal replacement -

Drop us a message on here with your requirements & current bike details (registration, mileage, make/model) 

Our annual service covers -

During a service, We start with a lighting & charging system check, clean and check brake switches then move onto the oil & filter change, removing wheels to check bearings and grease the spindles. Air filters are cleaned or replaced dependent on type, paper / fibre. Servicing of the brake calipers is carried out by removing the pads front & rear to clean and lubricate the caliper pistons / slide pins to ensure smooth operation, cleaning up pads and discs and test the level and condition for water content. Coolant condition is also checked for anti freeze protection and topped up.

Chains are deep cleaned with front covers removed to clean behind the bits you cant see.  Coolant condition is also checked for anti freeze protection and topped up if required.

Visual and physical checks are carried out with the fairing panels and fuel tank removed to check general condition and remove any excess road debris. Pipework for fuel, oil & air pipes and fittings are checked for correct routing to avoid any rubbing/ snagging etc.

When we say we do a spanner check we mean it. All the odd bolts such as clock brackets, linkage, subframe, switch gear, stands etc - we make sure its all tight, so your bike is safe.

Our mechanics are all experienced time served in the motorcycle & car industry with some of our guys involved as race mechanics within BSB & IOM TT. We always carry out work to the highest standards with care and attention taken on every job.

We are limited to what work & parts we can supply for Chinese scooters / Bikes.

We don't work on: MX bikes / Quads / Electric scooters or E-bikes.

(We can supply inner tubes / loose wheel tyre fitting / EBC brake pads & Oils)

To book an MOT or SERVICE please drop us a message with your - MAKE, MODEL, REGISTRATION & CURRENT MILEAGE, and also a brief description of any current bike issues if any. An overview of services is listed below.

Service parts we stock -